Producing Specialty Polyester in Flexible CP


In the past 10 years, many new CP were built with large capacity up to 600 tons/day.  These CP have the cost advantage in producing commodity polyester.  Smaller CP and batch producers have the advantages of less waste in product transitions, they are best for specialty polyester. 

Our suggestion is to build large esterifier following by several smaller CP.  The large esterifier has the advantage of low investment and low operating cost, the small CP have the advantage of producing specialty polyester, such as antipilling fibers, cationic dye fiber, atmospheric pressure dyeable fiber, high shrinkage and bicomponent fibers, low melt polyester, biodegradable polyester, dull fibers.  

Glysil Chemicals Inc. specializes in specialty polyester.  We have many years of expertise producing specialty polyester.  We provide complete technology package including recipe, equipment specifications and operating conditions for the comonomer and additive solution preparation and their uniform dispersion in polyester. 


Some specialty polyesters, such as black fibers and cationic dye fibers, can be produced in batch or continuous polymerization process, the batch process has the advantage of less waste in transition.  For some specialty polyesters, such as antipilling, low melt and high shrinkage fibers, continuous polymerization and direct spinning is preferred due to the high cost in chip drying.  Uniform dispersion of additives and copolymer monomers is critical for lower pack pressure rises and high quality polyester.