BaSO4 Slurry for Clear Polyester


       Adding small amount of inorganic filler such as TiO2 or BaSO4 to clear polyester can improve spinning performance by improving friction.  While TiO2 would increase turbidity of the polyester, BaSO4 would not increase turbidity because it has similar reflective index as polyester. Most clear polyester producers add BaSO4 around 1000 ppm.

       Glysil developed high quality barium sulfate slurry in glycol, which does not require further milling before use in polyester.  It can be diluted to 3% to 20% before use.  Glysil®BaSO4 slurry is more stable and does not separate into two layers like the BaSO4 slurry from other vendors.  Quality check by vacuum filtration is more than 2,000 ml.  Clear fibers containing barium sulfate made by Glysil has superior spinning and drawing performance.  The life of polymer melt filter is also much longer than other the barium sulfate.   This technology is patented in the U.S.

Barium sulfate slurry produced by Glysil technology has smaller particle size than that from other producers. When particle size is reduced by half, the number of particles increased to 8 times at the same weight.  Glysil® barium sulfate in polyester can be reduced by more than 50% compared with the larger particle size barium sulfate from other producers.

      Since 2008, Glysil® GS-26 (BaSO4 slurry in glycol) has been used by Jiangsu Sanfangxiang in China in their clear staple production line of 600 tons/day, Yizheng Chemical Fibers of Sinopec Group in their clear staple line of 300 tons/day, and Huaxi Baochang Chemical Fibers in their clear staple line of 300 tons/day. The spinning and drawing performance have been excellent.

Comparison of Glysil® GS-26 Barium Sulfate Slurry

Barium Sulfate

A Germany producer

Glysil® GS-26


Powder, BaSO4 94%  

Slurry, BaSO4 30%

Sand mill by PET producer

Sand mill then dilution

Sand mill not necessary

Slurry quality: Standing, clear liquid on top

Separate in a few hours

less than 5% after 30 days

Slurry quality: Standing, solid in bottom

Large amount of solid

less than 5% after 30 days

Slurry quality: vacuum filtration

10% slurry 300~500 ml

30% slurry > 2,000 ml

BaSO4 particle size, nm

large (400~600 nm)

small (200~300 nm)

Polymer melt filter (20 µm)

7-10 days

15-30 days

Equipment to use Glysil®GS-26 BaSO4 slurry is similar to that of TiO2 slurry.

Glysil®GS-26 BaSO4 30% slurry can be shipped in 1000-liter container or 200-liter drum, and diluted to 3% to 15% before use. The following example diluted to 15%.  

BaSO4 30% 1500 kg + glycol 3000 kg = BaSO4 10% 4500 kg,

Agitated dilution tank 3 m3 (15%), feed tank 4.5 m3 (15%), stainless steel 314, no heating.

One mass flow meter, stainless steel 314 or 316.  Two meter pumps, stainless steel 314. 



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