Black Fibers

Black fibers can be produced by masterbatch or carbon black slurry injection into polymerization process.  The slurry injection into polymerization process has the advantage of lower cost and less breaks in spinning. 

In slurry injection, the slurry quality is critical, because carbon black is very difficult to disperse in glycol.  Good quality slurry should have at least 500 ml in vacuum filtration through 57 mm screen of 325x2300 mesh. 

Glysil Chemicals Inc. provides complete technology package including black slurry recipe, equipment specification, procedures, and polymerization technology.  Spinning of black fibers is similar to regular polyester fibers.    

Glysil (Wuxi) Polyester Technologies Co. Ltd. produces high quality carbon black slurry Glysil®GS-36 in Wuxi, China.  Customers can add Glysil®GS-36 into polymerization process to produce black chip or black fibers.