Flame Retardant Fibers



Glysil provides high quality flame retardant additive GLYSIL GS-57, which contains active flame retardant ingredient 80% and ethylene glycol 20% by weight. It contains phosphorous 8% by weight. Glysil®GS-57 can be diluted and then added into polymerization process to produce flame retardant polyester. Suggested amount of Glysil®GS-57 in polyester is 7% by weight including glycol. The polyester produced can have limiting oxygen index (LOI) >30 in flame retardant test.

Glysil®GS-57 has been used in large volume by a polyester producer in Southeast Asia since 2013 to produce high quality flame retardant polyester fibers.

      Glysil®GS-57 can be shipped in 200-liter drum (225 kg) or 1000-liter container (1100 kg).


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