High Shrinkage Polyester


High shrinkage fibers and bicomponent fibers need copolymer containing IPA 10% to 40%.  In the past, IPA powder must be added into the TPA slurry before esterification.  This is not feasible with flexible CP design of one large esterifier followed by several smaller CP for different products.  If IPA oligomer were produced and added to TPA oligomer, the investment and operating cost would be higher, the product would be a block copolymer.

Glysil Chemicals invented new technologies adding 50 to 60% IPA solution into TPA oligomer.  With Glysil dispersion technology, the 50 to 60% IPA solution is a clear liquid without solid.  The random copolymer contains IPA from 2% to 40% by mole.  The required carboxyl level in TPA oligomer is the same as regular polyester. 

Glysil Chemicals Inc. has complete technology packages for 60-70% comonomers solution as well as 50-60% IPA solution including recipe, equipment design and purchase, installation, and operation.  The client can chose to install the equipment yourselves, or ask an engineering company to install them under the technical guidance of Glysil Chemicals Inc., or ask Glysil Chemicals Inc. to install the equipment.