Titanium Catalyst


          Glysil Titanium Catalyst Glysil®GS-46

  • Transparent ethylene glycol solution containing Ti 5% by weight.
  • Mixable with glycol, can be diluted 10 to 20 times before adding to polymerization.
  • Mixable with water, no solid would form.
  • Increase polyester L color 1 to 2 units compared with Sb catalyst.
  • Increase polyester b color 1 to 2 units compared with Sb catalyst.
  • Reduce spinneret cleaning frequency.
  • Reduce turbidity of polyester bottle resin compared with Sb catalyst.
  • Reduce crystallization rate of polyester bottle resin. 
  • Titanium catalyst requires strong technical support in the first time using it.  Without proper recipe and process control, polyester could have significantly higher b color.
  • Glysil experts have many years of industrial experience using Ti catalyst in continuous polymerization (CP) process. Glysil can provide technical support when our client uses titanium catalyst the first time.   

Glysil¨s titanium catalyst Glysil®GS-46 (Ti 5%) has been used in a large CP of 450 tons/day to make PET bottle resin by a large polyester producer in Jiangsu, China for one year.  This has been the largest CP in the world that uses Ti catalyst continuously.