Glysil Chemicals Inc.   is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.  We specialize in specialty polyester technology consulting.   If the necessary additives of specialty polyester are available in the market, we provide technical consulting.   If the high quality additives are not available in the market, we also produce the additives. 

       Glysil (Wuxi) Polyester Technologies Co. Ltd.   is our factory in China.  We produce Glysil® GSseries additives for specialty polyesters.  These high quality additives are necessary to produce specialty polyester but are not available or hard to find in the market.

•  Antipilling additive Glysil® GS-6   for antipilling polyester fibers
•  Na-SIPE solution Glysil® GS-16   for cationic dye polyester
  Barium sulfate BaSO4 slurry Glysil® GS-26   for clear polyester
•  Carbon Black slurry Glysil® GS-36     for black fibers
•  Ti catalyst Glysil® GS-46     for antimony free polyester
•  Flame retardant solution Glysil® GS-57   for flame retardant polyester