Example of Glysil Special Polyester Technology Cooperation Projects

Glysil Chemicals has technology cooperation with many polyester producers in the world.  The following are a few examples of these cooperation projects. 

(1)  Shin Kong in Taiwan, antipilling polyester staple �C Glysil provides antipilling additive Glysil®GS-6 as well as continuous polymerization (CP) process technology.

(2)  Reliance in India, continuous polymerization cationic dye polyester (CD) staple �C We provided Na-SIPE solution technology as well as CP technology.

(3)   Wujiang Fudong Textile Group in China, 180 tons/day CP cationic dye FDY and chip �C Glysil provided Na-SIPE solution technology as well as CP technology, successfully started in 2005. This CP has now the longest continuous cationic dye polyester production in the world.

(4)   Zhejiang EuroAsia in China, CP-2 120 tons/day cationic dye polyester �C CD quality was poor when it started in 2005, POY spinneret life only 3 to 4 days. Glysil provided technology to improve polyester in 2006, polymer chip haze improved, DEG decreased 1%, melting point increased 2.1C, POY spinneret life increased 3 times.

(5)   Zhejiang EuroAsia, polyester film quality improvement �C Glysil assisted to improve polyester quality in 2006, DEG decreased from 1.35-1.65% to 0.93-1.0%, b color from 5.2 to 2.9, L color 72.8 to 73.7.

(6)   Zhejiang Cifu in China, CP-2 cationic dye polyester POY 300 tons/day �C With technology and CD disperser from Glysil, CD successfully started in 2009, spinning performance excellent, POY 100D and 150D similar to homopolymer, 76D slightly below homopolymer. 

(7)   Alok Industries in India, CP-5 cationic dye polyester POY/FDY 70 tons/day �C Glysil provided technology and CD disperser, Chemtex International provided engineering and installation, CD successfully started in April 2012, spinning performance were excellent in 2012. 

(8)   Clear polyester fibers �C Since 2008, Glysil Glysil®GS-26 BaSO4 slurry has been used by Jiangsu Sanfangxiang, Yizheng Chemical Fibers of Sinopec Group, and Huaxi Baochang Chemical Fibers in China. Glysil BaSO4 slurry has been used in large CP with capacity 300 tons/day to 600 tons/day, improved staple spinning and drawing performance.